4 Best Tips for Effective Rodent Removal

Rodent control can be the most daunting task. Moreover, getting rid of them can’t be avoided. Rodents can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. When faced with a rodent infestation, it’s very important to start early. To achieve a healthy home, you can either go for Local Pest Control in Melbourne Services or take responsibility in your own hands.

Rodent Control Service
Rodent Control Service

Here are a Few Tried and Tested Rodent Control Tips That Can Help You Out-

1. Laying Traps

Using traps is one of the oldest methods. There are a variety of ways of using traps to get rid of rats. Used world-wide, usage of traps is also probably the easiest one, especially when it’s a single rat or two that are bothering you. The standard old snap trap is the most effective type of rat traps that’s available in the market. Another option that you can consider is the catch and release rat trap. It makes use of food to lure the rodents. Once the rat is inside, it closes. The trapped rat can then be released somewhere away from the house. These rat traps can be quite tricky to use.

2. Know the Warning Signs

Rodent infestation can wreak havoc over you and your family. It can at times be difficult to recognize them, however. Rodents are nighttime creatures that keep scratching, gnawing and creating unusual noises during the night. Out of all the places, dark corners such as attics are their favorite nesting corners. Worn out books, food and cardboard boxes are other tell-tale signs of rodent infestation. Whenever in doubt, rats also have a tendency of going restless. Hence, you ought to be careful while carrying out your eradication plan. Once you are sure, you can use organic pest control products to eliminate them.

3. Eliminate All Entry Points

Rats and rodents can be extremely dangerous. They carry with them harmful parasites and diseases. Hence, you are at significant risk of acquiring diseases in case of rat infestation. Moreover, they can defecate in your food and you won’t even come to know.  Rats in the attic are also carriers of dangerous hantavirus that can give you serious pulmonary disease. They can also result in allergies. Food that has been contaminated with rat feces and urine can also lead to salmonella disease. Eliminating all entry points can be the best method for rodent control. Add caulking to small crevices and corners. Metal mesh can also be used to block all entry points.

4. Maintain a Clean Attic

The attic is the most neglected area of your home. Hence, it’s the most highly preferred space for rats to form their nests. It is necessary for you to keep it clean by scheduling a regular cleaning drive. Professional decontamination can also help here. This not only saves your attic from rodent damage but also keeps the HVAC system running smoothly.

Rodent Control, although difficult is not an impossible task. Once you have been successful in your eradication venture, you must also ensure that the future infestations don’t occur.

Rodent Pest Control
Rodent Pest Control

Why to Trust?

If you’ve tried all methods and still feel that rodents have infested your place, call a professional rodent control company immediately. Panther Pest Control is a trustworthy source of pest control that can be relied upon for the same. It has experts that can help you deal with the problem.

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