Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home, Step by Step

Have you ever checked on your pet’s immune system? Not only just humans but even our pets need to be taken care. Most of the disease gets transferred from our pet animals to us. Since they have a hairy body deadly insects like fleas breed on them. Fleas and all other insects prefer a warm environment for their survival. Hair gives them enough of heat against the cold environmental weather. The fleas are a menace to human health. Research says that it transfer the disease to the human body, unlike the mosquitoes, the rash and itch stay for a week from the day of the flea bite.

Fleas usually live for two weeks. Reports say that low immune persons are more likely to get affected by the fleas. It has a wide opened mouth to suck the blood from the body. If it is being set free it breeds on the blood. It can live on the human body due to minimal presence of hair. But it is not the same with the animals. Animals are the host of the fleas. Fleas choose only warmblood vertebrate to breed. History says that since fleas are capable of carrying the disease, in World War II Japanese dropped fleas infected with plague to China. In animals, it starts to breed on them lay egg. Blood is the only source of food for the fleas. It eventually brings down the immunity of the animals and sometimes it may lead to the death of our lovable pets.

When fleas give so much trouble to the vertebrate then how to control fleas? We can chase the fleas totally just by following these steps

  1. Since the fleas get transferred to us from the pets, our pets are needed to be taken care first. Various flea control medicines are available in the market. Use it once a month to make the fleas stay away from the pets
  2. Spread salt over the carpet, salt is the threat to the fleas. It will immediately kill the fleas lying on the floor.
  3. Cleaning the mattress and washing the blankets regularly with warm water would kill the fleas sticking into it.
  4. Fleas mostly roam in the yard and later step into our slipper or shoe. So it is necessary to ensure that our yards are sprayed with pesticides regularly.

    Fleas Pest Control Brisbane

    Fleas Pest Control Brisbane

  5. Usage of lemon to the bitten area would give more relief from the pain and the itch. Since the flea bite would give a swelling and bother the skin.’
  6. Clean your home thoroughly. Regular sweeping and vacuuming the floor would pull out the insect from the house. Use proper sanitation which is harmful to the fleas.

In the fast-growing environment, we humans are prone to many unknown diseases, sometimes we fail to know the reason for some common allergies. We probably might not care about it. But it carries some serious effects which we are unaware of. Let’s take a step forward to control the fleas and make sure that it won’t come back again.

Fleas Pest Control Services

In order to take care of your pets and yourself, it is necessary to get rid of all the fleas from your home. Fleas can be extremely dangerous and cause sickness along with red bumps and rashes. These tiny microscopic organisms can make you itchy and irritated. There are certain home remedies available as discussed above which can help a bit in eradicating fleas. However, for complete removal of fleas, it is necessary to go for professional fleas pest control services.

Professional Fleas Pest Control Service Brisbane

Professional Fleas Pest Control Service Brisbane

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