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Why Moth Inspection Matters?

Moths are one of those pests who are very predominant and they have the capability to destroy the whole warehouse on their own. And, they also have the capability of flying, so they can easily fly from one area to another and lay their eggs in an area where there is enough food for them. They contaminate or damage foods like cereals, pet foods, grains, chocolates, or fruits. And, the adult moths which you notice flying are not the culprits. The main culprits are their larvae which damage all the clothing and for saving the clothing, the only option you have is doing moth control and that will be only effective too if you get it done by expert pest control services

Moth Control Services

The moth control services have trained technicians who know very well to handle moth infestation and their larvae. They have access to the latest scientific equipment which helps them to identify the infestation and remove them efficiently. So, hiring them for moth control is a good decision. The process of moth control generally leads to four phases and that is monitoring, inspection, control, or prevention.

And, the most important phase of the process is inspection, now you must be thinking why to give the inspection phase of moth control so much priority. To make you understand why moth inspection matters? We have to read this article, so keep reading.

  • Monitoring: Monitoring works as an alarm for moth infestation. It helps to identify the moth’s infestation for the first time and because of monitoring you get to know about the moth’s presence and you take immediate action for moth control and you save your clothing or other belongings from being damaged. If you avoid monitoring, then, you will not be able to get to know about their infestation and your belongings will totally be eaten by moth larvae.
  • Inspection: Now, the most important step takes place. Inspection is a very important phase of moth control as it helps to identify the pests. Ensuring the pest infestation is very important for taking any step for their removal. It is possible that your clothing is being destroyed by any other pests like a cockroach. So, inspection is a must for moth control. If for any reason, you are unable to identify the infestation properly, then, you can take the help of professionals.
  • Control: The other phase of moth control is to control the infestation. After getting assured about the infestation, it’s time that you do something for their removal. For best and quick results you can prefer professional help as moths are not easy to get rid of.
  • Prevention: After you get the moth control done by professionals. Now it’s time for the last phase which is prevention. After their removal, it is very common that you don’t want them to infest again. So, to prevent them from infesting your home again, follow the tips given by professionals.


So, these are the 4 phases of moth control and we hope that by reading this article you must have understood why moth inspection is important.

Most of us are aware of the term pest, but none wants to be a victim. Your first intention is to maintain the home for a pest-free environment. But still, pests come to your property for various reasons, and in most cases, it has no relation with maintenance.

When you hear bug management or Pest Control Brisbane service, it probably means removing ants, rodents, flies, etc. But in actuality, it involves the safety of food, property, and health.  Let us read here to know detailed reasons why timely pest control is necessary.

Pest Control Should Not Be Taken For Granted- Know Why?

Diys Are No More Effective:

You have tried everything possible from your side. For example, you attempted store-bought chemicals, baits, or tried available internet tricks. On the other hand, you have applied home remedies for extermination too.

But still, you see them coming back to your property. The one reason is that you are not treating the root of infestation. However, you have wasted time as may be infestation doubled by the time you realize it. So, it is crucial to contact a pest control professional in Brisbane when you notice the early sign.

To Save On Repairs Of Property Damage:

Do you know, on average, homeowners spend billions of dollars in Australia for pest damage repairs? Yes, wood-boring pests like termites, beetles, carpenter ants slowly eat the wooden structure. The worst thing is that they wittily hide, and you don’t even know.

Forget flies and ants, but rodents alone are capable of causing house fires. In such a situation, the loss could be disastrous. So, stop them from the beginning and hire pest control service in Brisbane.

Pests Pose Serious Health Risks:

Pest infestation means health risks come along with it. Some pests feed on human blood and spread various diseases. In contrast, bites from stinging bugs like wasps cause rashes, allergies. Rodents carry Hantavirus, plague, while ticks infestation causes Lyme disease.

A regular pest inspection will stop the infestation, bacteria, germs, allergies, and diseases carried by them.

For Food Safety:

One reason pests invade the home is in search of food. Food items containing protein, sweet is not only your favorite but pests too. Pests like cockroaches, flies, pantry pests contaminate food and spread diseases like cholera. Without pest management, food safety is unachievable.

Live A Stress-Free Life With Timely Pest Control Brisbane Service!

If you need a relaxed pest-free life, then consider timely pest control service. Professionals pest control in Brisbane will not only save your property from costly repairs but also give you a healthy home environment.


Now you know how important timely and effective pest eradication is. Whether you own commercial space or are a homeowner, don’t forget to hire pest control Brisbane service providers for the above-stated benefits.

Pests vary in size and shape, however, the common thing among pest is that they cause damage and spoils healthy surroundings.

In case experiencing the constant movement of mosquitoes, bees, creating nuisances or cockroaches, rats, spoiling food in the kitchen, Pest control Brisbane services will assist you to prevent pest infestation.

The objective of a pest control firm is to manage and remove such creepy crawlers for promoting good clean surroundings.

Pest like mosquitoes causes certain issues in the summer season such as redness on skin due to their biting. Moreover, they make it tough for you to wear shorts as they can bite anywhere around the body.

Professional pest treatment will help in tackling the problems before they turn into a complicated ones. Furthermore, pest control services from Brisbane appoint the solution and preventive steps which makes it hard for mosquitoes to reside around your property.

Does a pest control company offer only pest treatment services?

The pest control firm offers a facility that is not limited to pest issues. However, the experts also provide their service for industrial units to ensure smooth working. 

The solutions like space fumigation incorporate covering structure properly and pass chemical gas into space for a longer duration. Moreover, this method eliminates every type of pest. It considers as a great alternative for those who experiencing pest issues in their commercial properties.

Many professional pest control organization educates people on how to prevent pest by opting preventive measures such as not throwing garbage everywhere, cleaning areas having standing water, and few more.

It is also discovered that not maintaining a sewer system can increment pest infestation and lead to certain infections.

Final Words

Many people believe that pets can be prevented by using basic DIY methods like traps, baits, sprays, etc. However, these can provide better results in few situations but not every time. 

A bigger pest issue needs an effective solution for removing them completely. Moreover, on experiencing that your property is affected by huge infestation then hiring pest control Brisbane services is not a bad choice to make.

No matter how complicated the problem is, the professional will offer you the desired results.

In general terms, it is not tough to locate the right pest Control Company as you can search them online. In addition, the online search will help you to compare different organizations on basis of services, price, techniques, and much more.

The online search allows you to discover the working methodologies of a particular firm you choose. You can also check their client reviews, testimonials for confirming that you are hiring the right company. You must book an appointment today for attaining pest treatment services.

If you ever notice a tiny insect jumping inside your home or garden then you need to be alert because it could be the sign of flea infestations. Fleas hop and feed on the blood of animals and birds. Fleas can spread infection through their bites. Research has proved that there are more than 2,000 species of fleas all across the world. Like ticks, fleas need blood to survive hence, they can feed on you anytime however, you will feel a sensation of pain when they will bite you. Hence, flea extermination becomes vital.

Things That You Need To Know About Fleas
Things That You Need To Know About Fleas

Here are The Things That You Need To Know About Fleas

  • Throughout the sunnier months, from Springtime to Autumn, fleas are always seen outdoors on native mammals and are therefore seen on the hedge and plants in the area.
  • Fleas cannot fly and survive by engulfing the blood of people and animals.
  • You pets are the most favourite host for fleas.
  • Fleas can be exterminated by the frozen weather or will sprawl quiescent until sunny weather occurs. 
  • The average lifespan of a flea is last about 100 days, however, fleas’ lifespans can be somewhat inconsistent.
  • Fleas cannot persist in extremely hot temperature.

Harms That Flea Cause

  • In some unsafe pets, the flea bite will cause redness, ticklishness, scratching and hair loss.
  • Flea bites can also cause weight loss to your pets.
  • Flea bites can cause hair damage and rare etchings.
  • Fleas can attack people but don’t dwell on people’s skin or fur. Several infections can be transmitted by fleas and disseminate to people, such as epidemic and cat scar illness.
  • The most popular flea spread virus is the Bubonic plague. Getting rid of a flea on own is not a mere task, therefore, you will need to seek help from a Professional Pest Control Services in Sydney they will also give you the best flea prevention tips.

Whom To Trust?

At Panther Pest Control here you will get the best flea control services. We are a company of experts who have years of expertise with them in the industry of Flea Pest Control Services. Pest infestation is a common problem that every homeowner’s face. And to get rid of them you will certainly require professional’s help. You can call us to remove any type of pest infestations from your house. The team of our expert technicians have years of expertise in this industry and can eliminate all type of pest infestations efficiently. Same day booking services are available as well. So, just call us now for the best offers.

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Rodent control can be the most daunting task. Moreover, getting rid of them can’t be avoided. Rodents can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. When faced with a rodent infestation, it’s very important to start early. To achieve a healthy home, you can either go for Local Pest Control in Melbourne Services or take responsibility in your own hands.

Rodent Control Service
Rodent Control Service

Here are a Few Tried and Tested Rodent Control Tips That Can Help You Out-

1. Laying Traps

Using traps is one of the oldest methods. There are a variety of ways of using traps to get rid of rats. Used world-wide, usage of traps is also probably the easiest one, especially when it’s a single rat or two that are bothering you. The standard old snap trap is the most effective type of rat traps that’s available in the market. Another option that you can consider is the catch and release rat trap. It makes use of food to lure the rodents. Once the rat is inside, it closes. The trapped rat can then be released somewhere away from the house. These rat traps can be quite tricky to use.

2. Know the Warning Signs

Rodent infestation can wreak havoc over you and your family. It can at times be difficult to recognize them, however. Rodents are nighttime creatures that keep scratching, gnawing and creating unusual noises during the night. Out of all the places, dark corners such as attics are their favorite nesting corners. Worn out books, food and cardboard boxes are other tell-tale signs of rodent infestation. Whenever in doubt, rats also have a tendency of going restless. Hence, you ought to be careful while carrying out your eradication plan. Once you are sure, you can use organic pest control products to eliminate them.

3. Eliminate All Entry Points

Rats and rodents can be extremely dangerous. They carry with them harmful parasites and diseases. Hence, you are at significant risk of acquiring diseases in case of rat infestation. Moreover, they can defecate in your food and you won’t even come to know.  Rats in the attic are also carriers of dangerous hantavirus that can give you serious pulmonary disease. They can also result in allergies. Food that has been contaminated with rat feces and urine can also lead to salmonella disease. Eliminating all entry points can be the best method for rodent control. Add caulking to small crevices and corners. Metal mesh can also be used to block all entry points.

4. Maintain a Clean Attic

The attic is the most neglected area of your home. Hence, it’s the most highly preferred space for rats to form their nests. It is necessary for you to keep it clean by scheduling a regular cleaning drive. Professional decontamination can also help here. This not only saves your attic from rodent damage but also keeps the HVAC system running smoothly.

Rodent Control, although difficult is not an impossible task. Once you have been successful in your eradication venture, you must also ensure that the future infestations don’t occur.

Rodent Pest Control
Rodent Pest Control

Why to Trust?

If you’ve tried all methods and still feel that rodents have infested your place, call a professional rodent control company immediately. Panther Pest Control is a trustworthy source of pest control that can be relied upon for the same. It has experts that can help you deal with the problem.

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Tired off applying manual techniques to control pest? Do not worry. We have a better solution. Manual techniques to prevent Pest Infestation especially from the food court of kitchen and restaurant is next to impossible. Take the assistance of Professional Pest Control in Melbourne services to resolve the matter from the root. They have a good solution to Pest Infestation. These pest control Professional have the appropriate knowledge to deal with the pest issue and prevent them from entering again.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

Follow Some Restaurant Hygiene Ideas Not to Get Their Food Contaminated by The Pest

  • Unhealthy Food:

    An Outbreak of Any Diseases, We eat food to get energy. Food ought to be a source of nourishment for all the living being. But the pest makes our food contaminated and unhealthy. You can get several diseases by eating unhealthy and unsafe food. There is a chance of food poisoning and much more serious stomach infection due to the intake of the pest infected food in this modern era.
  • Most Common Food:

    Hygiene Ideas Mice, rats, ants, rodents, and cockroaches can be found in every hotel and restaurant. It seems like a very common issue but in fact, it is a great concern of the present age.
    To maintain the hygiene of food, care should be taken for the whole process including all the three stages like production, processing, and storing.
  • Production Stage:

    Food production process refers to the growing plants and vegetables. You can get pest at the production process where they spoil the crop and harvest. There are Pest Control Services that can help you remove the pest without using harmful pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers. It is better to cultivate food in an organic and healthy manner.
  • Processing Stage:

    it is the process where the raw food turned to delicious eatables in holes and restaurants. The effective measures should be taken to prevent the food from the rat infestation, Cockroaches menace, mice and rodent mess. All the hygiene of cleanings should be followed perfectly. Most of the food gets contaminated through this process only.
  • Storing Food:

    The storage place should be free from rats, mice and ant’s infestation. The food should be stored in sealed and airtight containers. Regular cleaning of the storage place is highly recommended.
Professional Pest Control Services
Professional Pest Control Services

Why Professional Pest Control Services is Important

Take the matter seriously. Call Professional pest control services for better help. It is advisable to go for a regular pest inspection at least once a year by a good pest control company to prevent pest infestation.

Ignoring the matter can lead you to a great deal of financial loss including loss of business reputation. Do not suffer anymore. Rats and rodent can ruin your hotel business. They can be a cause of transmitting several serious diseases.

We the Panther Pest Control are the Best Pest Control Service. We assure you to a pest-free restaurant and hotel. Call us for both pest inspection and pest control requirements.

Every lease property at the end of its lease period needs an End of lease pest control services. It is required as evidence of the nonexistence of any kind of pest for the building or property. As per the terms of a tenant contract, the house property should be returned back in the same condition as it was earlier at the time of starting the contract.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

End of Lease Pest Control Services

So it is the tenant’s responsibility to hire a licensed and insurance holder professional pest control service who can give a written evidently for a pest free home.

This is quite necessary for the security of the future tenant as well. Sometimes the End of lease pest control services is conducted by the house owner as decided by them mutually at the time of the contract.

Importance of End of Lease Pest Control Services

Hire a good Professional Pest Control Brisbane provider company best suitable for your give End of lease pest control services. They provide complete pest control for your residential property at the time of termination of your lease period.

Their pest removal technique starts with the pest inspection process. They treat the pest with appropriate control activity as per the situation’s demand. The pest treatment activity always depends on the level of infestation for sure.

The End of Lease Pest Control Service has The Following Benefits:

  • It detects the pest infestation if any for your house property.
  • They treat the pets with proper medication and cleaning services
  • They clean and treat the inside and outside area of the property to make it pest free
  • They examine upholstery items like furniture, sofa couch, and bed.
  • They take care of the sanitation including the drainage and every hole and crack of the wall and floor.
  • Their pest control service does not ignore the sources of most home pest like bathroom, kitchen, and toilets.

The core intention of conducting an End of lease pest control service is to ensure the property is free from all kind of pest. So that it becomes safe for a future tenant as well. Why invite expensive tribunal for no cause? It is better to arrange Local Pest Control Melbourne for all good of your rental property.

Spider Pest Control
Spider Pest Control

Panther Pest Control are the pest professional for End of lease pest control services for your requirement. Find our expert end of lease pest control services at your location in your terms. We are available on Sundays and holidays now. We respect your time. Call us and take a prior appointment to save time. We will be at your doorstep in no time. We will give you a complete pest control package at an affordable rate. Do not make the rental affair unpleasant for the next tenant. We can arrange a builder to perform the activity.  Do not worry about legal paper and procedures. Our professionals have all the competence to comply with every legal requirement.

Ants can get anywhere they want, sometimes they make their way even in a closed jar. Just a tiny mistake and ants will enter in your most secret place and they don’t come alone, they invite their entire colony. You may have encountered a situation when you were opening the jar of sugar or other food item and found hundreds of alive ants. Ants can be really annoying, they make their colonies in your garden and freely roam in your house and look into your wardrobe and most importantly in the kitchen. In this article, you can read about getting rid of ants using natural repellants.

Closing the gateway to your home

Ants don’t have a portal gun to come into your home. They enter through small holes, windows, door or thinnest space they find. Find these type of places and seal it, you can use a rubber strap to close the thin horizontal gap between doors. You can use caulk to seal other gaps and holes, to prevent ants from coming to your house.

Spraying the mixture of vinegar and water in your home

Take some vinegar and add water in it, now pour it into a spray bottle. Spray in the ant-infested area and where ants are coming from. You can use lemon juice as well as an alternative, it’ll make ants go away. Vinegar and lemon are acidic substance, which produces sharp scent, which ants don’t like.

Cleaning by using peppermint oil

Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane

Peppermint oil is a natural ingredient and doesn’t have any harmful side effect. If you clean your kitchen from peppermint oil, you can get rid of ants. Peppermint oil leave a strong fragrance, ants don’t like it though. That’s why they stay away from it.

Use powder spices

Turmeric, black pepper, chilli pepper and cinnamon powder is very effective on ants. Sprinkle some, where ever you see ants. They’ll go away from there and never come back.

You can get rid of ants by following these simple methods.

Professionals do it better

Ants Control in Brisbane

Ants Control in Brisbane

Panthers Pest Control is one of the best pest controllers in Brisbane. Our keen and thorough process of pest removal provides the best result. We’re dedicated to making our clients satisfied. Our expert team is specialized in providing complete removal of ants. Book us for ant infestation in your home, we’ll make your house free from ants, that’s our promise.

Have you ever checked on your pet’s immune system? Not only just humans but even our pets need to be taken care. Most of the disease gets transferred from our pet animals to us. Since they have a hairy body deadly insects like fleas breed on them. Fleas and all other insects prefer a warm environment for their survival. Hair gives them enough of heat against the cold environmental weather. The fleas are a menace to human health. Research says that it transfer the disease to the human body, unlike the mosquitoes, the rash and itch stay for a week from the day of the flea bite.

Fleas usually live for two weeks. Reports say that low immune persons are more likely to get affected by the fleas. It has a wide opened mouth to suck the blood from the body. If it is being set free it breeds on the blood. It can live on the human body due to minimal presence of hair. But it is not the same with the animals. Animals are the host of the fleas. Fleas choose only warmblood vertebrate to breed. History says that since fleas are capable of carrying the disease, in World War II Japanese dropped fleas infected with plague to China. In animals, it starts to breed on them lay egg. Blood is the only source of food for the fleas. It eventually brings down the immunity of the animals and sometimes it may lead to the death of our lovable pets.

When fleas give so much trouble to the vertebrate then how to control fleas? We can chase the fleas totally just by following these steps

  1. Since the fleas get transferred to us from the pets, our pets are needed to be taken care first. Various flea control medicines are available in the market. Use it once a month to make the fleas stay away from the pets
  2. Spread salt over the carpet, salt is the threat to the fleas. It will immediately kill the fleas lying on the floor.
  3. Cleaning the mattress and washing the blankets regularly with warm water would kill the fleas sticking into it.
  4. Fleas mostly roam in the yard and later step into our slipper or shoe. So it is necessary to ensure that our yards are sprayed with pesticides regularly.

    Fleas Pest Control Brisbane

    Fleas Pest Control Brisbane

  5. Usage of lemon to the bitten area would give more relief from the pain and the itch. Since the flea bite would give a swelling and bother the skin.’
  6. Clean your home thoroughly. Regular sweeping and vacuuming the floor would pull out the insect from the house. Use proper sanitation which is harmful to the fleas.

In the fast-growing environment, we humans are prone to many unknown diseases, sometimes we fail to know the reason for some common allergies. We probably might not care about it. But it carries some serious effects which we are unaware of. Let’s take a step forward to control the fleas and make sure that it won’t come back again.

Fleas Pest Control Services

In order to take care of your pets and yourself, it is necessary to get rid of all the fleas from your home. Fleas can be extremely dangerous and cause sickness along with red bumps and rashes. These tiny microscopic organisms can make you itchy and irritated. There are certain home remedies available as discussed above which can help a bit in eradicating fleas. However, for complete removal of fleas, it is necessary to go for professional fleas pest control services.

Professional Fleas Pest Control Service Brisbane

Professional Fleas Pest Control Service Brisbane

Panther Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies with a high reputation. It has a widespread network of clients and is available round the clock for all your pest control services. All you need to do is give them a call on their 07 2104 1918 anytime to avail their services. Their services are exceptional and they never compromise with the quality. They use only state of the art technology to make your home pest free. They help you stay healthy and disease free in the most efficient manner.

Give them a call or send them an inquiry to have an expert right by your doorstep. Make your home clean and tidy by hiring our experts now.


Pests Control Melbourne is a reputed well known, pest control service provider with trained professionals. Our mission is to provide a better control over pests and give the mankind a happy life in an eco- friendly manner. We are very particular about our customer satisfaction. We provide a high degree of pest control with a greater customer satisfaction. Melbourne Pests Control service do have environmental awareness and respect for the value of money of our customers. Pests Control Melbourne is a pest control company having more than 500 clients nationwide.

 The Best Pest Control Service at Melbourne

Melbourne Pests Control service team feels proud to introduce ourselves as a top company in the Pest Control Industry. We protect your residential as well as commercial property being spoiled by the menace of pests. The pest control service is glad to offer a pest control service program which deals with all types of pest related program.  We always believe in better service in the least possible charge. The latest technique used and the trained professional always aim to protect your interest and safety. Melbourne Pests Control offers a free inspection and consultation program to spread the awareness among the people. Pests Control Melbourne never gives importance to anything more than their quality of work. We never compromise with the same in any cost.

Call US ON 07 2104 1918

Our Team:

The pest control team consists of some skilled professional and experienced staffs. They are well trained to deal with your pest problems. We use the advanced techniques in an eco- friendly manner. Melbourne Pests Control service are hard on the pests while very flexible with the environment. We first identify the pest population and basing upon that we take our remedial actions. Thus we follow a very efficient way to deal with the pests.


Our main aim is to have a pest free nation. We have a standing goodwill in the industry of pest control. Melbourne Pests Control service claim to provide the best ever possible service with minimum risk and damages to the nation. We fight against the irritating problem caused by all types of pests. We cater all the suburbs of Melbourne through helping them out with our extensive service of bed bug control, Ant control, cockroach control, rat & mice control, spider control, silverfish control, flea control, termite inspections, termite control, bee & wasp control and much more.

Licenced & Secured:

We comply with the Health & Safety Act. The pest company follows the Act like Hazardous to Health Regulations. We always very well protect the environment interest. Melbourne Pests Control service is very much concerned about the health and hygiene of the people.

Customer Oriented:

The Pest Control service do respect the clients. We know the value of time and money. Customer satisfaction is a must. So we are open for 24 * 7 to offer the best services to our prospective as well as existing customers. Melbourne Pests Control will always be at our service on a simple fingertip exercise. Just give us a call on and we will be there to help you out.
No worries if you need the service for your home or for the facility. Pests Control Melbourne is always there at your service. The thing which differentiates us from other pest control business is nothing but our services, that we deliver at affordable prices. We serve you throughout the clock and twelve months a year because we know that you may get a problem at any time especially while the weather changes.


Pests Control Melbourne’s ultimate mission is to provide the best quality services possible through immediate response time. Melbourne Pests Control services very much concentrate on customer satisfaction, so we manage to deliver Customize services without hampering Individual focus, we never give up development and innovation. That is the only way through which we can achieve our vision.

Our Vision:

Our dream is our vision. That is nothing but to be the world’s number one pest control service, provider. We dream a hygienic and safe world for Melbourne.